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A few words About Us

DVD Teacher Training Institute is an aided non-minority Educational Institution, administered by Ninar Desika Vinayagar trust Kottar, Nagercoil. In 1953 Kanayakumari District was under the control of Travancore-Cochin administration. With the permission letter D1/21350/52 dated 10-3-1953 from the Director of Public Instruction, Trivandrum. The Institution had its start with two conditions, allied with DVD High School in the month of June 1953. The Conditions were .

1. A building of “80 x 20” as per Govt building norms
2. Two BT Teachers

Fulfilling these two conditions permananent recognition was obtained from the academic year 1953-1954. The sanctioning of recognition was Published in the Trivandram Gazette dated 8.6.1954.

Kanyakumari District merged with TamilNadu on 1-11-1956. The recognition of our institution was accepted by TamilNadu Government as per Govt order number 450 dated 19-4-69.

The act of regularisation of recognised private schools came into existence in the year 1973 According to that, the Institute is administered by the elected school committee. In their fixation 5 teaching posts were sanctioned and full-aid has been paid as per private school service scheme from its inception in 1953.

We got permanent recognition as per the letter no F/SRO/NCTE/97-98/5080 dated 9-2-98. According to that recognition, the institution was given permission to admit forty students for the year 1998-1999. According to the letter No.3009 dated 18-10-2002 from the south Regional Council for Teacher Education the intake was increased to 80 students.

The Institution has a vast Campus with Spacious building, calm atmosphere, adequate infrastructures and competent faculty, situated in the heart of the town Nagercoil.

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